Welcome to Word Online

In 2020 we had our first conversations with Martin Charlesworth about Word Online. These conversations continued and today we are pleased to announce that Word Online is now part of the DECIBEL Training resource portfolio. We want to see Word Online develop further under the DECIBEL Training umbrella, and together we hope to reach a much wider audience.

Welcome to Martin Charlesworth

Martin has worked over the years as a teacher, in business, as a church leader and, more recently, with a variety of Christian charities. He has lived for many years in Shrewsbury in the UK. He is married to Jane and has three children and a growing number of grandchildren.

A year of launching

I (Moses Lincoln) can vividly recall my childhood days. I went to spend the Christmas holidays with my grandparents. I realized that almost everyone plunged themselves in the cool stream that flows by the village early in the morning on New Year’s Day.

DECIBEL – Church Events

This month, we are going to focus on DECIBEL, which stands for Digitally Enhanced Community Based Learning and is the name we have given our approach to training. DECIBEL is developed to be easy to use and benefit from. Each DECIBEL course contains everything needed to set up a learning group in a church and go through the materials together without a subject matter expert present.

Working with a purpose

On April 19th, The Relay Trust welcomed Gabriela Cristofani into the London office for her first day as one of our team. As the Executive Assistant, Gabriela will largely be working with Mette Bjergbæk Klausen on the curriculum development and bringing her professional translator experience to standardizing the translation process of the materials between our teams.

First Course in Uganda

“This course is a blessing: it adds onto the knowledge you already have about God’s love and care about others.”

Easter Reflection

In a few days’ time it is Palm Sun-day. The air will once again be filled with great expectation, joy and love, as Jesus travels into Jerusalem from the northern outskirts of Israel, Galilee, where the son of man grew up and intro-duced the World to his mission and min-istry of healing and restoring.

Milestone reached in the development of The Well

We have reached our first goal in our project to design a way to serve courses to mobile phones without them being on the internet. We have successfully combined different software and customized some code to make it happen.

God’s Unfailing Love

Students are encouraged to imagine themselves in the position of Biblical characters, and brainstorm how the stories’ principles could be applied to their own lives.