Exponential impact through multiple organisations 

TheWell was officially launched on October 1st and a limited number of devices has been made available for sales. Many organisations have already shown interest in the TheWell, resulting in several meetings to discuss how they can benefit from TheWell and best use the new standards for offline digital media and training distribution.

Who is Mette Bjergbæk Klausen?

I am a theologian and a pastor in the Lutheran Church. I am married to Alex, and we are both from Denmark, but live in Oxford in the UK now together with our lovely cat, Edward. When Alex and I had both completed our MAs in theology, we went into mission with a desire to help pastors in other parts of the world, who had limited access to theological training.

Who is Shumi Kupara?

Learn more about Shumi, who is working as a course designer in DECIBEL Training.

From the days of Noah to the days of Hulbert

Many thousands of years ago Noah got a message from God according to the book of Genesis chapter 6 very early in the Bible. Many hundred years ago Hulbert was a miller in Shrewsbury in England. Is there any connection between the two men? Yes, well, at least in the mind of the CEO of Decibel Training.

Graduation Ceremony in Togo

Pastors from the Apostolic Church in Togo has just graduated after completing two years with Timothy Leadership Training. The graduation event was shared on national tv in Togo.

Who is Andrew Westerman?

Learn more about Andrew, who is serving on the board of trustees and who has a strong passion for and experience with training in multi-cultural contexts.

Fast church growth calls for new training approaches

DECIBEL Training is focused on providing a range of innovative training resources for pastors and church leaders in the Global South. We are very aware of the fast growth of the church in many poorer countries. This is exciting.

Introducing Gabriela

Learn more about the different team members in DECIBEL Training as we introduce a new member each month.

This month you can learn more about Gabriela, who is both supporting the translations and heading support and client relations in TheWell Systems.

Where the Magic Happens

The DECIBEL Training Department is where courses are written, edited, designed, recorded, and produced by a very skilled and dedicated team. This is where the magic happens!
I would like to present to you a queue of great news!
No less than three courses in the Timothy Leadership Training Program (TLT) Basic Certificate have been completed as video enhancements.

Who is the new CEO?

During a service the visiting pastor preached for us. Afterward he said that God had given him a message to some of the present pastors. I was one of them. The message to me was, that I would get involved in online training of pastors and church leaders on a global level. The visiting pastor did not know me in advance, and he knew nothing about what I was involved in at that time.