Life transforming media

Anthony is standing in front of a small group of people. They are gathering in a church outside Waterloo in Sierra Leone. A metal suitcase is placed on a table, and he has successfully connected all the cables and his phone to a small monitor. He welcomes everyone and begins to talk passionately about TheWell.

Welcome to a new charity!

After careful consideration and many prayers it has been decided to separate The Relay Trust into two entities. The new organisation will be called DECIBEL Training.

Spirit-breathed technologies?

The use of technology has divided the waters in the Christian world. Some remain skeptical and conservative, while others are jumping into all the exciting opportunities technology offers without giving it a second thought. Of course, there are also many who are in between these two extremes, and today we see how technology is gradually being integrated in church services and mission activities all over the world.

The Labourers are few…

Christianity is growing across the world exponentially. Maybe we do not notice it in the West, where Christianity is gradually losing ground, but there are other parts of the world where we see exponential growth. Ordinary population growth is part of the reason, but it is also the result of effective evangelism, for it is never guaranteed that children of Christian parents will also grow up to be Christians themselves.

Building relationship with Togo

We are also excited about a new relationship we are building with the Apostolic Church in Togo. In January, we began to conduct surveys among the 200+ pastors serving in the church to learn more about their qualifications and situations.