Great Things With God

This course helps participants to understand the training method and aim of courses created by the Timothy Leadership Training Program and DECIBEL Training. They will learn about the methodology’s elements, including its Biblical foundation, group reflection and discussion, and practical plans of action, and why this method is so effective in developing good habits and creating lasting positive change in the family, church, and community. Meanwhile, participants will be learning using the same methodology and training group format that they are studying, giving them an understanding of its process and effectiveness.

Title: Great Things with God, an Introductory Course.

Published: 2021.

Author: Timothy Leadership Training Program and DECIBEL Training.

Languages: English, French and Spanish.

Platforms: WhatsApp and email.

Target group: This course is made for all adults.

Duration: One day followed by a minimum of one week of carrying out practical assignments.

Assignments: Weekly assignments with each session and an action plan.

Qualification: To be studied in training groups lead by a certified facilitator. Everyone in the group should have a Bible, notepaper and a pen for writing answers, or the ability to record them with their phone.

Resources: All sessions are available in both a video and PDF format. Participants and coordinators receive an instructional video on how to attend and lead training. Facilitators and coordinators are provided with an instructional manual.

Completing this course will help you

  1. Understand the ideology and validity of the inductive training method and the strength of group sessions.

  2. Apply the methodology ‘Five Steps for Kingdom Change’ and understand the Biblical foundation of this method as you reflect, discover and discuss the course topics, plan to practice what you have learned, pray over your plans and report back on the changes and challenges you experienced, while being guided by Bible passages.

  3. Write your own Action Plan: a plan that is Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, and Time-bound (SMART), and learn about how to use this to bring positive change and develop good habits.

  4. Prepare to work through any other course or series of courses developed by the Timothy Leadership Training Program and DECIBEL Training. 

Who is the course for?

This course is for any Christian (lay or clergy) who wishes to grow in their faith and plans on taking future courses developed by the Timothy Leadership Training Program and DECIBEL Training.

Are you ready to start?