Meet our team


Finn Kier-Hansen

Chief Executive Officer

Finn Kier-Hansen is the CEO of Hulbert Enterprises Ltd. He holds a Master’s degree in The Science of Religion with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. Finn is an ordained pastor within the Evangelical Free Church of Denmark, where he has been serving as a pastor for the past 23 years, in Tylstrup, Denmark.

DECIBEL Training

Mette Bjergbæk Klausen

Chief Operating Officer

Mette Bjergbaek Klausen is the Chief Operating Officer of DECIBEL.Training. She holds a Master of Theology, is an ordained pastor in the Lutheran Church, and served as a missionary in West Africa from 2009 to 2016. Since 2016, she has been involved in setting up DECIBEL as an organization and has been responsible for the development of the training method used. Mette lives in Oxford frequently travels frequently travels to Africa.

Shumi Kupara

Course Designer

Shumi Kupara lives in Oxford and assists with course design in the Content Team, she is a lawyer turned theologian with a background in legal literacy, specialising in constitutional law. Her passion for social justice is evident, with ten years of experience in the NGO industry working with marginalised and disadvantaged groups in Southern Africa. She has vast experience in creating literacy content for rural communities, specifically reading and teaching materials used as educational resources, workshop manuals and informational guides for traditionally complex subjects but presented in an engaging and easily understood way.

Gabi Hendrich

Graphic Designer

Gabi Hendrich is serving as Graphic Designer for DECIBEL. She works on course design and branding for the organisation. She lives and works from South Africa and has a great passion for mission. 

Solveig Dret

Consultant (theology and translation)

Solveig Dret-Vincent works as a French-speaking back translator, proof-reader, and consultant in theology. She holds a degree from the Institut Biblique de Bruxelles and a Bachelor’s in Science of Religion from the Université Catholique de Louvain, both in Belgium, where she lives.

Djamina Maguey

Consultant (course production)

Djamina Maguey is a consultant serving together with DECIBEL Training through SOCI, a company based in Cameroon. She holds a bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology and uses her skills in course design and production as well. Djamina lives in Yaoundé Cameroon and she is single with a 5 years old daughter. She is primarily supporting the production of new courses. 

Lizzy Plummer

Video production

Lizzy Plummer is a trained theologian and has served in the charity sector for several years. She is currently supporting the production of audio/visual courses in DECIBEL.  

Fidèle Constance Etjeke

Consultant (translator)

Fidèle Constance Etjeke is a translator/Interpreter. She holds a Master’s degree in Translation and a Master’s degree in Conference Interpretation from the University of Buea, Cameroon. She has been working as the English to French translator in the team since September 2019. Fidèle lives in Yaoundé, Cameroon, and serves DECIBEL Training through “Perfectionist” a company based in Cameroon. 

Martin Charlesworth


Martin Charlesworth lives in the UK and studied History at Oxford University (MA) and Theology at Gloucestershire University (BA). He has worked over the years as a teacher, in business, as a church pastor, in leadership training and, more recently, with a variety of Christian charities. During the last few years Martin has been developing “Word Online”, a web-based platform for biblical teaching, specifically designed to equip church leaders and trainers using English as a secondary language. “Word Online” became part of DECIBEL in 2022.

TheWell Systems

Alex Bjergbæk Klausen

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Bjergbaek Klausen is the Chief Operating Officer of TheWell Systems. He holds a Master of Theology, is an ordained pastor in the Lutheran Church, and served as a missionary in West Africa from 2009 to 2016. Since 2016, he has been involved in setting up DECIBEL as an organization and has been responsible for the development of TheWell Systems. Alex lives in Oxford but frequently travels to Africa.

Gabriela Kishi Cristofani

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Gabriela Cristofani is in charge of client support and is also serving as deputy chief operating officer. She has previously served as senior course designer. 
She has a degree in Portuguese language and literature and a PGDip in Translation and Simultaneous Translation studies. Gabriela is from São Paulo – Brazil, but she lives in London.

Liv Ramsay

Administrative Assistant

Liv Ramsay is an administrative assistant for TheWell Systems. She uploads content into the Cloud and makes sure everything is in its right place. After completing her undergraduate studies in Chinese, she worked in Japan as an English teacher. She now studies Theology in Oxford alongside her work, with a particular interest in the interplay between charismatic and contemplative conceptualisations of prayer and spiritual growth

Supa Solution


Supa Solution is a South African company with experience in both software development, cloud technology and hardware engineering. Supa Solution is leading the software development for TheWell Systems. 

Tim Strauss


Tim Strauss works as the Executive Director of Kolo Group, a small technology focused mission whose purpose is to innovatively merge business and technology expertise with missions for transformation of the least reached. For 30 years, he served with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Lesotho, Albania, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. His ministry and leadership roles have included aviation, IT tools and services, team building, strategic planning, identifying organizational culture issues, and impacting lives in a varied range of circumstances and settings. He holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and is currently working on his Doctorate in Intercultural Studies with Fuller Seminary.